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Logbook Suite

Logbook Suite

Logbook Suite is a user-friendly software package from sailors for sailors and motorboaters – made in Germany. Logbook Suite includes the digital logbook Logbook (more here) as well as a whole range of Add-ons (more here) – useful tools that simplify the management of many tasks around your ship and your cruises.

Logbook Suite Logbook

Logbook – the digital logbook

Our dig­i­tal logbook Logbook is espe­cially suit­able for skip­pers who have pre­vi­ously kept a hand­writ­ten logbook, but who would like to take advan­tage of the ben­e­fits of a dig­i­tal logbook in the future. Logbook meets the offi­cial require­ments for a logbook.


Logbook Lite –
the digital logbook for the small trip

Logbook Lite is a simple digital logbook for the iPhone.
Logbook Lite is especially suitable for sailors and powerboaters who tend to make small trips and cruises rather than going on a big trip.

The Add-ons

With the Logbook Suite Add-ons for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone we offer several useful tools to manage tasks around your ship and your voyages.

Logbook Suite

This is new in Logbook Suite 2.2

Logbook Suite has been on the market for more than 10 years and is constantly being developed. New functions and modules are added regularly.
For all of you who already know the Logbook Suite and want to inform yourself quickly, we have compiled what is new since the last update.

Logbook Suite for PC

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Logbook Suite for iPad

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Logbook Suite PhoneTool
for iPhone

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Logbook Lite
for iPhone

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LogbookNMEA connect

Load our app for the NMEA con­nec­tion of Logbook and Logbook Lite from the Apple App Store (free of charge)

User Manuals

Down­load our detailed man­u­als to Logbook Suite, Logbook, Logbook Lite and the Add-ons