Logbook Suite Add-ons

With our Logbook Suite Add-ons we pro­vide a selec­tion of use­ful tools for sailors for Mac, Win­dows, iPad and iPhone, with which you can man­age tasks around your ship and your trav­els on yachts.

The Add-ons are part of Logbook Suite, but they are inde­pen­dent of the use of the Logbook mod­ule. So you can pur­chase and use only one of our Add-ons with­out the need for a license for Logbook, if you like.
Some of the Add-ons can also be used on the iPhone in the app Logbook Suite Phone­Tools

Our soft­ware, includ­ing the Add-ons, can be loaded and tested for free, before you decide whether to pur­chase the soft­ware. Depend­ing on the Add-on, you can cre­ate up to 5 or up to 9 entries in demo mode to test the func­tions. Enter­ing the ser­ial num­ber con­verts the trial version of the Add-on into a full ver­sion with unlim­ited use.

The handy Logbook Suite Man­ager, which opens when start­ing Logbook Suite and Logbook Suite Phone­Tools, gives you access to all Add-ons that are installed in Logbook Suite or Logbook Suite Phone­Tools

The indi­vid­ual Add-ons are started in Logbook Suite Manager
4 of our Add-ons can also be used on the iPhone in the new app Logbook Suite Phone­Tools.

The fol­low­ing Add-ons are cur­rently avail­able. All Add-ons are included in the instal­la­tion of the Logbook Suite, so you don’t have to load them sep­a­rately. To learn more about an Add-on, click/tap on the icon of the Add-on. All Add-ons marked with an aster­isk on the fol­low­ing but­tons can also be used on the iPhone with Logbook Suite Phone­Tools.

Logbook Suite Add-on Biography


all your cruises in your maritime biography

Logbook Suite Add-on BoardCash


your digital cash box


tracking the cost for your ship

Logbook Suite Add-on Crew


crew data, immigration forms, agreements, personal cruise logs

Logbook Suite Add-on First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit*

first aid without having to search in the medicine box

Logbook Suite Add-on Inventory


keep track of your ship's storage

Logbook Suite Add-on Maintenance


the maintenance book for your ship

Logbook Suite Add-on Scheduler


the visual planner for voyages and maintenance

Logbook Suite Add-on WorldEnsigns


a visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns