A visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns

All infor­ma­tion that you find in our pop­u­lar iPad app WorldEnsigns you can also find directly in Logbook Suite using the Add-on WorldEnsigns.

Thanks to the numer­ous search func­tions of WorldEnsigns you can eas­ily find flags of ships and their respec­tive coun­tries. WorldEnsigns includes inter­ac­tive screens for 242 coun­tries or regions and includes a total of 1005 flags with high-res­o­lu­tion details and textures.

In our Add-on WorldEnsigns you will find ensigns for all coun­tries and regions that the ITU (Inter­na­tional Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion Union) has assigned a MMSI (Mar­itime Mobile Ser­vice Iden­tity) to. No mat­ter whether you encounter a ship which ensign you don’t know or whether you see the MMSI or the call sign of a ship with the AIS func­tion of a ship’s chart plot­ter. The Add-on WorldEnsigns can quickly show the ship’s coun­try of ori­gin. In addi­tion to the dif­fer­ent flags used in this coun­try you will get infor­ma­tion about the geo­graphic loca­tion of the coun­try, it’s time­zones and the offi­cial languages.

WorldEnsigns has a help func­tion inte­grated directly into the add-on, so there is no sep­a­rate user man­ual to download. 

The Add-on WorldEnsigns offers the fol­low­ing features:

Search func­tions:

  • search by name of the coun­try, MMSI or call sign
  • visual search using geo­met­ri­cal attrib­utes and colors

Infor­ma­tion for each ensign:

  • IOC code of the country
  • inter­na­tional name of the country
  • cap­i­tal
  • visual loca­tion and coor­di­nates of the cap­i­tal (con­nected to Google Maps)
  • timezone(s)
  • offi­cial languages
  • groups of MMSI
  • groups of call signs

Types of flags:

  • naval ensigns (includ­ing vari­ants for yachts)
  • author­ity flags
  • navy flags
  • national flags
  • optional regional cour­tesy flags

WorldEnsigns has a help func­tion inte­grated directly into the Add-on, so there is no sep­a­rate user man­ual to download.

In the demo mode of WorldEnsigns all Euro­pean coun­tries are unlocked. After enter­ing a ser­ial num­ber, WorldEnsigns dis­plays all infor­ma­tion for all coun­tries of the world.