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Software, Demo Versions and User Manuals

Down­load your free demo ver­sion of Logbook Suite and test Logbook and the Add-ons Biography, BoardCash, CrewInventory, First-Aid Kit, Maintenance, Scheduler and WorldEnsigns.
The test ver­sion of Logbook  includes all func­tions of the full ver­sion, but is lim­ited to 5 travel days and 2 trips. The test ver­sions of all Add-ons are lim­ited to 9 entries.

If we have con­viced you with Logbook or one of our Add-ons, you can pur­chase the licenses in our online shop and con­vert your demo ver­sion into an unlim­ited full ver­sion.

The licenses for Logbook are valid for the PC, for the iPad or for both device types. A sub­se­quent upgrade to a sec­ond device type is pos­si­ble.
The Add-ons can be used with only one license both on the PC and the iPad (BoardCash addi­tion­ally on the iPhone).

Download Logbook Suite for iPad

You can down­load the iPad ver­sion of Logbook Suite directly from the Apple App Store. The app Logbook Suite con­tains Logbook as well a all the Add-ons (BiographyBoardCashCrewInventoryFirst-Aid KitMaintenanceScheduler and WorldEnsigns).

Logbook Suite for iPad

Down­load from the
Apple App Store

LogbookNMEA connect

Down­load from the
Apple App Store


Down­load stand-alone ver­sion for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store

Download Logbook Suite for PC

The soft­ware Logbook Suite con­tains Logbook as well a all the Add-ons (BiographyBoardCashCrewInventoryFirst-Aid KitMaintenanceScheduler and WorldEnsigns). You need to fill out a form to get the down­load link. If you have already pur­chased a Logbook license for the selected oper­at­ing sys­tem, you can also down­load the new ver­sion directly from your shop account with­out hav­ing to fill out our form:

Please note that if you reinstall Logbook Suite, the data files of Logbook and the Add-ons stored in the Logbook Suite data folder will not be replaced. So a new installation of the same version of Logbook Suite will not cause any changes. However, if a newer version of Logbook Suite is installed over an existing one, the data files are automatically updated to the new version.

Logbook Suite

Logbook Suite for MacOS

You need to fill out a form to get the down­load link

Logbook Suite

Logbook Suite for Windows

You need to fill out a form to get the down­load link

User Manuals

Impor­tant infor­ma­tion for the down­load of the user man­ual to the iPad directly from Logbook Suite:

  1. Before select­ing the desired user man­ual tap on Open in Safari on the bot­tom left of the win­dow.
  2. Now select the user man­ual by tap­ping on the icon in Safari. This opens a new browser win­dow which shows the user man­ual.
  3. To save the user man­ual on the iPad, tap on the man­ual and then tap on Open in… in the top left. Now select the appli­ca­tion you want to use for read­ing the user man­ual in the popover and wait until the man­ual is com­pletely loaded onto your iPad.
Logbook Suite

User Manual
Logbook Suite Basics

Gen­eral infor­ma­tion about the Logbook Suite