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The digital logbook from Logbook Suite

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For iPad as well as for the Mac Logbook is the only dig­i­tal logbook on the mar­ket which meets the offi­cial require­ments of a logbook. But Logbook is very pop­u­lar with Win­dows users too.

Logbook is just per­fect for skip­pers who have used printed log­books so far, but want to make use of the advan­tages of a dig­i­tal logbook. This is, apart from the optional auto­matic record­ing of nav­i­ga­tion data, the auto­matic analy­sis of the nau­ti­cal data, for exam­ple. Using the trips and the overview Logbook auto­mat­i­cally cal­cu­lates totals for rel­e­vant data as well as aver­age values—both for each day, for a whole trip and for all entries in the logbook. Of course your Logbook can be printed. This is a nice gift for every crew mem­ber to keep the trip in good memory.

Dur­ing the jour­ney you can enter the nau­ti­cal data into Logbook just like in the tra­di­tional logbook on paper. It is up to you how often and how detailed you type in your infor­ma­tion. Logbook pro­vides for each day a page with sev­eral tabs for the nau­ti­cal infor­ma­tion, weather infor­ma­tion, tech­ni­cal notes and for your per­sonal diary with pho­tos. Besides, Logbook offers a spe­cial view where you can put in detailed infor­ma­tion on your yacht. This makes it eas­ier to find all impor­tant infor­ma­tion when needed.

Logbook can be con­fig­ured to suit both sea and inland water­way travel.

Logbook Suite, Logbook Navigation
The tab Nav­i­ga­tion shows an overview with the nav­i­ga­tion data of the whole day.

To eas­ily enter the nav­i­ga­tion data even under very bad con­di­tions Logbook pro­vides a spe­cial view with large fields for data entry while crusing.

If Logbook is con­nected to a GPS or NMEA data source, you can let Logbook make the entries auto­mat­i­cally using the Auto NMEA func­tion.

Logbook Suite, Logbook Dialog Dataentry
For enter­ing the nav­i­ga­tion data while trav­el­ling Logbook pro­vides a clear input dia­log with large fields. The num­ber of entries in not limited. 

Using Logbook with NMEA connection

Logbook offers func­tions to cap­ture nav­i­ga­tion data from GPS/NMEA data sources and enter them in your logbook—either by press­ing a but­ton or fully automatically.

When­ever you want to make an entry in your logbook, you can cap­ture the cur­rent GPS/NMEA data and have it entered in the logbook. All infor­ma­tion that is not pro­vided by your GPS/NMEA data source can to be entered manually.

Or you acti­vate the Auto-NMEA func­tion and let Logbook make your entries auto­mat­i­cally. Pos­si­ble are hourly entries (at the full hour) or every half hour, entries at a course change larger than the set angle or at under- or over­run of pre­set speeds.


Set­tings for NMEA con­nec­tion and for auto­matic entries

On the PC Logbook sup­ports NMEA0183 data sources con­nected via USB, Blue­tooth or WiFi. Pure NMEA2000 data sources are not yet sup­ported, but most mul­ti­plex­ers pro­vide NMEA0183 data anyway.

On the iPad, Logbook sup­ports both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 data sources con­nected to the iPad via WiFi, Blue­tooth or cable adapters. The con­nec­tion between Logbook and the data source is estab­lished via our iPad app LogbookNMEA con­nect, which can be down­loaded free of charge from the Apple App Store. On our Sup­port site we pro­vide a list of the hard­ware for which there are ready-made set­ting sets (get there by click­ing on the bot­tom but­ton in the right col­umn or on Smart­phone at the bot­tom of this page). Please con­tact our sup­port if you want to use hard­ware that is not listed here.

Depend­ing on the type of data source, the fol­low­ing data can be entered auto­mat­i­cally into your logbook from data source (NMEA0183 or NMEA2000):

  • board time and time in UTC
  • posi­tion
  • course over ground (COG )
  • speed over ground ( SOG)
  • wind direc­tion and wind speed
  • LOG or TRIP
  • engine speed (for 1 or 2 engines)
  • air pres­sure, tem­per­a­ture and humidity
  • on the tab Weather: water temperature

If your iPad is con­nected to a NMEA2000 net­work it can also read the engine oper­at­ing hours (if avail­able in the net­work). Please note that GPS mice or the inter­nal GPS of the iPad does not pro­vide wind data.

On the iPad, the NMEA func­tion can also read data from the inte­grated GPS and from the inte­grated barom­e­ter. LogbookNMEA con­nect then cal­cu­lates course and speed over ground from the iPad GPS data.

In demo mode (if there are less than 5 days in the logbook) you can also test the NMEA func­tion and the auto­matic data entry in you logbook. As soon as more than 5 days have been cre­ated, the NMEA func­tion is only avail­able if a ser­ial num­ber for the appro­pri­ate NMEA license (PC or iPad) has been entered.

Screenshots and Printouts

The screen­shots and exam­ples for print­outs will give you a taste of Logbook—but con­vince your­self and load your free trial version!

The Logbook as evidence

We hope that this case will never hap­pen, but unfor­tu­nately there might be a sit­u­a­tion where you have to use your logbook as evi­dence.
In some forums you can read about this topic: “Throw your logbook over­board if you are involved in an acci­dent. Then no one can prove any­thing against you.” But that is the worst thing you can do. Because that dis­qual­i­fies you as a skip­per and puts you on a worse foot­ing from the start.

A well-kept logbook is con­sid­ered proof of good sea­man­ship – and this is one of the basic require­ments for a skip­per. The more you have noted in your logbook dur­ing the voy­age, the better.

In the Inter­na­tional Reg­u­la­tions for Pre­vent­ing Col­li­sions at Sea there are only vague state­ments about how exactly a logbook for recre­ational boat­ing has to look like and what has to be recorded in it. There is still no men­tion of dig­i­tal log­books, although these are declared as allowed in other places.

The key require­ments are that it must be a bound book­let or book. Loose sheets are not per­mis­si­ble. Pages may not be torn out. Fur­ther­more, it must be rec­og­niz­able if entries have been changed sub­se­quently. The logbook must not be writ­ten with erasable pens.

Logbook has inte­grated numer­ous func­tions that trans­fer these require­ments to the dig­i­tal world, ensur­ing that your logbook is evi­den­tial: Dele­tion of days, trips and nav­i­ga­tion entries is not pos­si­ble, sev­eral inde­pen­dent time stamps show where entries have been changed sub­se­quently. Auto­mat­i­cally cre­ated nav­i­ga­tion entries are marked with a color. The time stamp then shows whether the entries were added directly by the per­son respon­si­ble (e.g. the sail posi­tion) or whether they were edited later. With his sig­na­ture, the skip­per con­firms the cor­rect­ness of the entries.

Our license system for Logbook

Depend­ing on which fea­tures of Logbook you want to use and on which devices you use Logbook, we offer dif­fer­ent licenses.

The full versions

As a new Logbook cus­tomer you start with a full ver­sion. First you decide with which range of func­tions you want to use Logbook:

  • Basic: unlim­ited use of Logbook, only man­ual data entry
  • NMEA: unlim­ited use of Logbook, trans­fer of NMEA data from a GPS/NMEA device or from the inte­grated GPS

Then you choose on which device type Logbook should be used. You can choose between: iPad, Mac or Win­dows, iPad and Mac or iPad and Win­dows.

The upgrades

If you already own a license for Logbook, you can upgrade it at any time — both the range of func­tions and the sup­ported device types. For this we offer:

  • Upgrade to NMEA license: Select the device type for which you want to upgrade an exist­ing Basic license to NMEA support
  • Upgrade for sec­ond device: With this upgrade you can extend your Logbook license for use on an addi­tional device type. As with the full ver­sions, you can choose between Basic and NMEA func­tion­al­ity for your sec­ond device.

Logbook Auto-NMEA

With this license you acti­vate the auto­matic record­ing of NMEA data and the func­tion for auto­matic Logbook entries. The Auto-NMEA license requires a NMEA license. It is valid for all your devices, for which you also have a NMEA license. So you don’t have to acti­vate the func­tion for each device type separately.

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