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News on Logbook Suite

Octo­ber 17, 2020: Since today the new ver­sion 2.1 of Logbook Suite is avail­able for down­load and in the App Store.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tion is the exten­sion of the syn­chro­niza­tion ser­vice SYNC. The func­tion “SYNC new file” now allows to upload the com­plete data set of a file to the SYNC server, not only the changes. So you can trans­fer com­plete files to your other devices at any time.

In addi­tion, all mod­ules of Logbook Suite have been improved. All changes, which were pub­lished after the release of ver­sion 2.0 via the update func­tion of Logbook Suite Man­ager, are incor­po­rated into the cur­rent mod­ule files. 
Logbook comes with an improved print func­tion and  in Crew the links to per­sonal files stored in iCloud Drive now work on the iPad too.

With Logbook Suite 2.1 we have also updated all user man­u­als to the lat­est ver­sion.

Updat­ing is more than easy:
Down­load the new Logbook Suite 2.1 for the PC from your shop account at or – if you haven’t pur­chased a license yet – via the form on our web­site. Then run the installer.
You can get the iPad ver­sion as usual with iOS apps from the Apple App Store.

Your files will be updated auto­mat­i­cally. Please note: The fully auto­matic update only affects files with the default names in the default data folder, other files must be man­u­ally updated to ver­sion 2.1.

Note: As always, all ser­ial num­bers for Logbook, the Add-ons pur­chased from our shop and all run­ning SYNC sub­scrip­tions already are still valid.

Sep­tem­ber 9, 2020: Good news for all Logbook users who have prob­lems with NMEA data on the iPad.
The new ver­sion 2.3 of our com­mu­ni­ca­tion app LogbookNMEA con­nect can now detect errors in the NMEA data and ignore them so that the data is trans­ferred to Logbook with­out errors. This is espe­cially help­ful when using the Auto-NMEA func­tion, because NMEA data errors could lead to aborts of the data trans­fer to Logbook. Read more here.

July 31, 2020: A new ver­sion of the app BoardCash is avail­able in the Apple App Store as of today. BoardCash 3.0 is fully com­pat­i­ble with Logbook Suite 2.0 and also sup­ports our SYNC ser­vice. So you can com­fort­ably make entries in BoardCash even on your iPhone.

July 1, 2020: A new ver­sion of Logbook Suite is avail­able as of today. Besides the com­pletely new SYNC ser­vice, we have made minor and major changes in all mod­ules and imple­mented wishes of our cus­tomers. We rec­om­mend all users to update to Logbook Suite 2.0.

Historie of the new features in Logbook Suite

Logbook Suite 2.0

July 1, 2020: The  main new fea­ture of Logbook Suite 2.0 is the intro­duc­tion of the syn­chro­ni­sa­tion ser­vice SYNC.
Fur­ther­more var­i­ous func­tions of the indi­vid­ual mod­ules have also been extended or improved. The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:
  • Logbook: Time zones now also with 0.5 and 0.25 hours
  • Logbook: up to 19 entry lines per hour pos­si­ble
  • Logbook: auto­matic logbook entry in addi­tion to hourly also every 30 min­utes
  • Logbook: enhanced charts
  • Logbook: dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion between days with entry in logbook and days with entry in logbook and with travel (cor­re­spond­ingly also in Biography)
  • Logbook (iPad): Time­out for the dura­tion of the data query of the Auto NMEA func­tion can be set
  • Logbook (iPad): when Auto NMEA data retrieval is enabled, the iPad hiber­na­tion mode is deac­ti­vated
  • Biography: new search for “My func­tion on board”
  • Biography: new field for “days with travel” (accord­ing to Logbook)
  • Biography: Image of the track of a trip
  • Crew: man­age and dis­play files belong­ing to per­sons (e.g. PDFs of con­tracts, per­sonal cruise logs)
  • Crew: adjust­ment of num­ber­ing
  • Crew: in the print lay­out of the per­sonal cruise logs: enlarged field for trip details
  • Crew (iPad): improved file selec­tion dur­ing import
  • Crew (PC): cre­ate skip­per’s sig­na­ture directly in Crew
  • FirstAid-Kit: Cre­ation of events in Scheduler for the expi­ra­tion dates of med­i­cines
  • FirstAid-Kit (iPad): improved file selec­tion dur­ing import
  • Inventory: a sketch of the lay­out of the stowage spaces in the ship can be stored
  • Inventory (iPad): improved file selec­tion dur­ing import
  • Maintenance: events for sched­uled jobs in Scheduler
  • Maintenance: auto­matic adjust­ment of the stock in Inventory when using spare parts/consumables from Inventory
  • Maintenance (iPad): improved file selec­tion dur­ing import
  • Scheduler: man­age­ment of expiry dates from FirstAid-Kit
  • Scheduler: events for jobs from Maintenance
  • WorldEnsigns: opti­mized dis­play on larger iPad dis­plays

Logbook Suite 1.4 (1)

May 27, 2019: With the lat­est update to 1.4 (1) we pro­vide you with all the lat­est data files that were already avail­able for down­load on our server, now directly in the App.

Also the Logbook Suite Man­ager offers two new fea­tures:
Update: When­ever new data files for indi­vid­ual mod­ules are avail­able on our server, the Logbook Suite Man­ager dis­plays a mes­sage and allows an auto­matic update of your cur­rent file. No man­ual down­load and import of the data is nec­es­sary any­more.
Info: In the info dia­log we send you impor­tant infor­ma­tion and help­ful tips.


Logbook Suite 1.4

March 31, 2019: The new Ver­sion 1.4 of Logbook Suite brings Logbook into a new dimen­sion. The new Auto-NMEA func­tion from Logbook 4.0 can inde­pen­dently record GPS/NMEA data and store them in the back­ground. This data can be used to draw a detailed track of the route trav­elled and save it in Logbook.
In addi­tion, the Auto-NMEA func­tion also allows Logbook to make logbook entries inde­pen­dently. It is pos­si­ble to make hourly entries (on the hour), entries for a change of course greater than the set angle or for under- or over­runs of pre­set speeds.
Also the new input dia­log in Logbook 4.0 and the now unlim­ited num­ber of entries make man­ual data input with and with­out GPS/NMEA con­nec­tion even eas­ier.

Of course we also made some exten­sions to the Add-ons.
And last but not least, on the iPad the Logbook Suite Man­ager can now exchange files with dif­fer­ent cloud ser­vices with­out any fur­ther inter­me­di­ate steps.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:

  • Logbook: auto­matic NMEA data record­ing for track gen­er­a­tion (every 2 sec­onds)
  • Logbook: auto­matic logbook entries (hourly or at events such as course changes), includ­ing auto­matic cal­cu­la­tion of log
  • Logbook: new, opti­mized input dia­log for nav­i­ga­tion entries
  • Logbook: unlim­ited num­ber of entry rows per day
  • Logbook: var­i­ous graph­i­cal eval­u­a­tions
  • Logbook: extended print func­tion incl. cal­cu­la­tors + check­lists
  • Logbook: track gen­er­a­tion for trips
  • BoardCash: when mak­ing changes to expenses, the cor­re­spond­ing deposits are auto­mat­i­cally adjusted
  • BoardCash: auto­mat­i­cally cre­ated deposits can­not be deleted or changed
  • Crew: list of func­tions on board is editable
  • Crew: new field for pho­tos of pass­ports
  • Crew: per­sonal data print func­tion for the crew of a trip
  • Crew: new fields for pho­tos of ship doc­u­ments
  • Crew: entry form — pho­tos of passports/ship doc­u­ments can be printed out on the entry form
  • Crew: brief­ing — addi­tional field for image/PDF of a muster list
  • Scheduler: new list view of projects and events, includ­ing print func­tion
  • Biography: list view of all ships
  • Biography: con­tin­u­ous list of all trips by start date


Logbook Suite 1.3

May 6, 2018: For the new Ver­sion 1.3 of Logbook Suite we have made minor or major addi­tions and improve­ments in all mod­ules.

The new add-on Biography extends Logbook Suite by a per­sonal logbook where you can com­bine all your ship jour­neys, no mat­ter if you kept your logbook with Logbook from Logbook Suite or if you had writ­ten it clas­si­cally by hand.
And since Biography is not a ship’s logbook, but your per­sonal mar­itime biography, Biography is not lim­ited to trav­els with a par­tic­u­lar ship.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:

  • New Add-on Biography – all your cruises in your mar­itime biography
  • Logbook: more data (includ­ing LOG/TRIP) can now be recorded from the NMEA
  • Logbook: wind data from NMEA in m/s
  • Logbook: extended lock counter
  • Logbook: Icons for gen­er­a­tor types
  • Logbook: Search by date
  • Logbook: longer jour­nal texts can be printed out
  • Inventory: addi­tion­ally new extended list view with more fields
  • Inventory: fields with over­flow­ing text are now printed bet­tert
  • BoardCash: sim­pli­fied input options for expenses in which not all per­sons are involved
  • BoardCash: sim­pli­fied input options for equal deposits of sev­eral per­sons
  • BoardCash: dis­play of the cur­rent cash bal­ance of the board cash in all cur­ren­cies used
  • and var­i­ous small edits in all mod­ules


Logbook Suite 1.2

May 7, 2017: The new Ver­sion 1.2 of Logbook Suite offers some new fea­tures and var­i­ous improve­ments in Logbook and the Add-ons as well as a sim­pli­fied file han­dling using the Logbook Man­ager.

Logbook Suite 1.2 comes with the new Add-on Scheduler, an inter­ac­tive visual per­sonal orga­nizer for sailors and motor boaters. Orga­nize with Scheduler your trips, maintenance and regat­tas. Scheduler dif­fers from con­ven­tional cal­en­dars mainly by its intu­itive pre­sen­ta­tion of the time and the appoint­ments in a con­tin­u­ous time­line.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:

  • New Add-on Scheduler – the visual plan­ner for voy­ages and maintenance
  • Sim­pli­fied file han­dling with Logbook Man­ager
  • Logbook: Full-screen view for weather maps
  • Logbook: But­tons on the nav­i­ga­tion sheets for auto­matic entry for engine on/off
  • Crew: Pre­view of the forms cre­ated by Crew before print­ing or cre­at­ing the PDF
  • Crew: New print func­tion for travel data includ­ing crew list
  • Crew: Print and export func­tion for com­plete crew list
  • First-Aid Kit: The quan­tity entered in the usage list is now sub­tracted directly from the stock (even for mul­ti­ple charges)
  • Maintenance: Search by date range (for start date, due date and date fin­ished) to dis­play all jobs in a spe­cific time period
  • in all mod­ules: Sim­pli­fied PDF cre­ation
  • and var­i­ous small edits in all mod­ules

Logbook Suite 1.1

Okto­ber 9, 2016: The first major update for our soft­ware pack­age Logbook Suite is avail­able. It is the most com­fort­able update ever for Logbook and the Add-ons: Just install the new ver­sion Logbook Suite 1.1 by pre­plac­ing Logbook Suite—the inte­grated auto­matic updater will do the rest. After a short while all your files are ready and adapted to the new ver­sion. (Please note: The auto­matic update only affects files with default file names in the default data folder, other files need to be man­u­ally updated to ver­sion 1.1.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:

  • opti­mized for iOS 10 and for MacOS Sierra
  • con­nec­tion to Drop­box and iCloud etc. for back­ups and for data exchange between iPad und PC
  • The auto­matic update func­tion for data files, the com­fort­able backup fea­ture and many fur­ther small enhance­ments sim­plify the han­dling of the suite.
  • The Add-on First-Aid Kit has been extended with a cat­e­gori­sa­tion of the med­i­cine as well as with fur­ther list views.
  • Sev­eral Add-ons have new print lay­outs.
  • The brand new Add-on WorldEnsigns is a visual ency­clo­pe­dia of naval ensigns. The numer­ous search func­tions help to quickly find flags of ships and their respec­tive coun­tries.

Logbook Suite now also available for Windows 32 bit sytems

April 20, 2016: Due to requests from our cus­tomers we have devel­oped a 32-bit ver­sion of Logbook Suite. You will receive the down­load link when you fill out our down­load form.

Logbook Suite

April 8, 2016: 2K Yacht­ing launches Logbook Suite
Logbook Suite is the new ver­sion of our soft­ware pack­age Logbook. It includes ver­sion 3.8 of Logbook and slightly updated ver­sions of the Add-ons.
Logbook Suite is now avail­able as an app for iPad, which can be down­loaded directly from the Apple App Store and works with­out File­Maker Go. All down­loads from our web­site and our online shop now load the lat­est files of the soft­ware pack­age Logbook Suite.
Logbook Suite pro­vides an auto­matic update func­tion to eas­ily trans­fer your data from pre­vi­ous ver­sions of Logbook and the Add-ons.

The most impor­tant inno­va­tions at a glance:

  • iPad ver­sion avail­able as an app in the Apple App Store
  • Dutch user inter­face
  • opti­mized lay­outs for iPad Pro
  • 130% zoom level on PC
  • spe­cial options for inland water­ways (loca­tion and river kilo­me­ters)
  • get air pres­sure using iPad barom­e­ter
  • warn­ing before auto­matic NMEA data entry if there is entered already a posi­tion
  • dupli­cate a crew from a trip into a new trip
  • new fields in fuel cal­cu­la­tor: costs of each fuel­ing, total fuel costs, com­ments
  • color cod­ing for wind speeds also in print outs
  • improved update and import func­tions
  • auto­matic data import from Logbook 3.7