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The maintenance book for your ship

Ship maintenance is very impor­tant. When is the next oil change due? Which anodes were changed dur­ing the last under­wa­ter paint? When does the life-sav­ing equip­ment need maintenance?

You can eas­ily keep track of all this with the Add-on Maintenance, because the tool reminds you when you have reached oper­at­ing hours or dates for maintenance intervals.

With Maintenance, our most com­plex Add-on, you can plan, sched­ule and doc­u­ment maintenance works, repairs and new instal­la­tions in your ship. For each job you can project and sched­ule the nec­es­sary steps and record hours and costs. Required spare parts, sup­plies and tools can quickly be assem­bled, because the stor­age place etc. can be imported directly from the Add-on Inventory. The stock in Inventory is auto­mat­i­cally adjusted. Of course, Maintenance allows to record the costs of spare parts and consumables.

For every job you can col­lect pho­tos and doc­u­ments (PDF, audio, video) in Maintenance. You can, for exam­ple, store the repair man­u­als, add pho­tos of a defect and the result after the repair or doc­u­ment your works in a series of pho­tos so you know next time what was to con­sider.  If desired, you can also insert a sketch in Inventory in which the dif­fer­ent stor­age loca­tions are marked and named.

If you set up jobs with reg­u­lar maintenance inter­vals in Maintenance, the Add-on will alert when the date is due with a col­ored marker. To ease the data entry and set­ting up of maintenance inter­vals Maintenance can import data from Logbook and InventoryIf you also use the visual cal­en­dar Scheduler, you can trans­fer all dates from Maintenance directly to the Add-on Scheduler.

In the demo mode of Maintenance you can cre­ate nine jobs. Enter­ing a ser­ial num­ber con­verts your trial ver­sion of Maintenance into a full ver­sion with unlim­ited use.