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The Software Package for Sailors and Motorboaters

for Mac, Windows and iPad

Logbook Suite is a user-friendly soft­ware pack­age from yachts­men for yachts­men (both sailors and motorboaters)—Made in Ger­many. Logbook Suite includes the dig­i­tal logbook Logbook (read more) and Add-ons (read more)—use­ful tools, which help to man­age tasks around your ship and your trav­els on yachts.

The soft­ware has been avail­able for almost 10 years now and is con­tin­u­ously updated and fur­ther devel­oped. All updates for an already pur­chased mod­ule are free.

Yacht own­ers from char­ter yachts from over 40 dif­fer­ent flag states are using Logbook Suite on all oceans and on numer­ous inland water­ways. Also Skip­pers of char­ter yachts are happy about the dig­i­tal record­ing of their trips. Some mod­ules of Logbook Suite (such as Inventory and Maintenance) are more designed for yacht own­ers, but many of the mod­ules are also very use­ful for char­ter trips (e.g. Crew and BoardCash).
In the Logbook Suite Man­ager, which is dis­played directly when start­ing Logbook Suite, you have access to all mod­ules of Logbook Suite

The main mod­ule of Logbook Suite is LogbookWith Logbook we pro­vide the only dig­i­tal logbook for sailors and motor boaters for the Mac. And also no sim­i­lar logbook is cur­rently avail­able for the iPad either. But Logbook Suite is very pop­u­lar with Win­dows users too.

An out­stand­ing fea­ture of Logbook is the user inter­face of the logbook, which is very dif­fer­ent from other dig­i­tal log­books. It is ori­en­tated by the tra­di­tional, hand-writ­ten logbook. Prac­ti­cally struc­tured page lay­outs instead of com­puter-tech­ni­cal input masks, such as those found in the dig­i­tal log­books avail­able for Win­dows, make it really easy to keep the logbook and enter all rel­e­vant data.  

Logbook Suite works com­pletely with­out inter­net access dur­ing the cruise. Logbook is suit­able for cruises at sea as well as on inland water­ways.

If you use Logbook on an iPad Cel­lu­lar the cur­rent posi­tion can be read from the iPad’s GPS and used for your logbook entries. And if you con­nect a NMEA onboard net­work or a GPS receiver to your iPad or PC, Logbook can read the nau­ti­cal data and enter it auto­mat­i­cally into the logbook.

The soft­ware pack­age Logbook Suite is avail­able for Mac, Win­dows and iPad. The ver­sions for Mac and Win­dows (Mac with MacOS 10.13, 64 bit, or newer; Win­dows with Win­dows 7, 32 bit or 64 bit, or newer) can directly be down­loaded from our web­site. Logbook Suite for iPad is avail­able in the Apple App Store. Please click the links on the right side of this page (on smart­phones at the bot­tom of this page) to down­load the ver­sions for free.

You can use Logbook Suite either only on the PC or only on the iPad, but also alter­nately on the PC and iPad. The data exchange between the PC and the iPad runs via the SYNC ser­vice pro­vided by 2K Yacht­ing or via iTunes or cloud ser­vices of your choice.

The user inter­face is the same on all plat­forms.

Logbook Suite can be set up to an Eng­lish, Ger­man, Dutch or Swedish user inter­face. All user man­u­als are avail­able in Eng­lish and Ger­man.

Con­vince your­self of Logbook Suite with our free trial ver­sion.
The trial ver­sion offers all fea­tures of the full ver­sion, but Logbook is lim­ited to 5 travel days and 2 trips and the Add-ons to 5 entries.
For our SYNC ser­vice, we will also be happy to pro­vide you with a code for a free 3‑day test sub­scrip­tion. Just send us an email to .

The but­tons in the right col­umn of this page (on smart­phones at the bot­tom of this page) lead to the down­load form for Logbook Suite for your oper­at­ing sys­tem or to the free down­load of the iPad ver­sion from the Apple App Store. On our down­load page (more here) you can also down­load detailed man­u­als.

If we could con­vince you of Logbook Suite, you can pur­chase the appro­pri­ate licenses in our online shop and con­vert your trial ver­sion for PC or iPad directly into a full ver­sion and unlock it for unlim­ited use.

Synchronization with SYNC

With the syn­chro­niza­tion ser­vice SYNC the man­age­ment of your ship and your trav­els with Logbook Suite becomes even more com­fort­able. Because with SYNC you can syn­chro­nize the data of all mod­ules of Logbook Suite between your devices through the Inter­net. This saves copy­ing the quite large com­plete data files and allows you a fast syn­chro­niza­tion of the data recorded on the dif­fer­ent devices.

With SYNC, all changes to the mod­ules are recorded dur­ing data entry. These changes will be uploaded to the SYNC server when you close the mod­ule or when­ever you wish, to be trans­ferred from there to your other devices and inserted into the mod­ules. The func­tion SYNC new file also allows you to trans­fer all exist­ing data of a mod­ule.

For the syn­chro­niza­tion with our syn­chro­niza­tion ser­vice SYNC your data will be encrypted with 128 Bit AES (Advanced Encryp­tion Stan­dard) on your device. The per­sonal key used for this is defined by you and is only stored on your devices, not on the SYNC server. Only after the encryp­tion process is com­pleted the data will be uploaded to your per­sonal account area on our SYNC server. Our SYNC server is located in Ger­many.

When load­ing the changes from the SYNC server to your device, the pro­ce­dure is exactly the oppo­site. The encrypted data will be loaded from the SYNC server and decrypted on your device using the per­sonal key you spec­ify. Only your instal­la­tion of Logbook Suite can decrypt the encrypted data again.

Of course, the syn­chro­niza­tion via our SYNC server requires an inter­net con­nec­tion. But it is also no prob­lem if there is no inter­net con­nec­tion while you are enter­ing data into the mod­ules of Logbook Suite. The infor­ma­tion about the changed data is cached on your device until it can be uploaded to the SYNC server.

To use the  syn­chro­niza­tion ser­vice SYNC, we offer dif­fer­ent sub­scrip­tion mod­els between 30 and 365 days in our online shop. Up to 4 devices can be syn­chro­nized. We will also be happy to pro­vide you with a code for a free 3‑day trial sub­scrip­tion. Just send us an e‑mail to .

A spe­cial SYNC sub­scrip­tion only for use with the mod­ule BoardCash and the iPhone/iPad app BoardCash is also avail­able. 

You can read more on our SYNC ser­vice in User Man­ual Logbook Suite Basics.

Customer Voices

What our customers say about our software and our support:

“Your pro­grams all look very good and I thought that the Maintenance pro­gram would be some­thing that I could use to orga­nize my planned maintenance tasks prior to launch­ing in the spring…”
         J. C., Canada

“Many thanks for all your help. I do enjoy using Logbook and will look for­ward to ver­sion 3.6.”
         J. D., New Zealand

“Logbook is a great tool!”
         H. D., Nor­way

“I have down­loaded the test ver­sion of your Logbook appli­ca­tion for Mac and I must say: it looks great!”
         H. v. D., Nether­lands

»Erst­mal vie­len Dank für den (ja bere­its über­all gelobten 🙂 ) raschen und kom­pe­ten­ten Sup­port!
Der erle­ichtert eine allfäl­lige Kaufentschei­dung erhe­blich. ;)«
         H. R., Schweiz

»Ich denke, dass ein Online-Logbook wie das Eure weit mehr ist als eine Papier­vari­ante. Ich habe mir sehr viele ange­se­hen – Ihr seid ganz sicher ganz vorne dabei!«
         R. G., Öster­re­ich

»Großes Kom­pli­ment, tolle Soft­ware, endlich mal ein Log­buch auf dem iPad! Freue mich schon auf den ersten Törn und die erste richtige Umset­zung.«
         S. K., Schweiz

»Ich hatte Sie auf der Bootsmesse in Düs­sel­dorf besucht und zwis­chen­zeitlich die Demover­sion herun­terge­laden. Eine tolle Sache!«
         H.-P. B., Deutsch­land

»Ich habe Logbook 3.5 erfol­gre­ich auf meinem iPad instal­liert und let­zte Woche bei meinem Segeltörn getestet. Meine Erfahrun­gen sind wirk­lich super, das Pro­gramm ist ein­fach, sicher und schnell zu bedi­enen, es hat meine Erwartun­gen voll erfüllt!!«
         A. F., Öster­re­ich

»Vie­len Dank für den “best sup­port ever”!! Top!! :-)«
         J.B., Deutsch­land

»Soft­ware läuft… Sieht sehr gut aus und ist ein­fach bedi­en­bar…«
         J. S., Deutsch­land

»Das Log­buch ist klasse und ich bin sehr zufrieden damit.«
         J. B., Deutsch­land

»Weiter so mir Eurer tollen Soft­ware.«
         J. K., Deutsch­land

»Erst ein­mal danke für dieses tolle Soft­ware-Paket. So wie ich mich jetzt da rein­denke in die Soft­ware mit diesen Add-ons etc. ist das genau das richtige für mich.
          T. W., Schweiz

In the Media

Reports in the Ger­man and inter­na­tional trade press about us and our soft­ware can be found here on our com­pany web­site 2k-yachting.de.